Welcome to Insane Throttle Productions home to Insane Throttle Biker News, The Morning Hoot and Insane Throttle TV on Roku.

Our Beginnings- Insane Throttle started from a single blog post in 2011 and today has become an international go to source for everything happening in the biker scene. Insane Throttle Publications includes the #1 biker news site harleyliberty.com where bikers have been going since 2011 for all there biker news. Three years James "Hollywood" Macecari took biker news to a whole new level when he started the Motorcycle Madhouse Morning Mayhem Podcast. Motorcycle Madhouse is available on all podcasting platforms and still after all these years is Insane Throttle's #1 Platform.

In 2018 Insane Throttle launched it's biker news on YouTube which led to many different types of shows on the Insane Throttle Platform.

2021 Saw the start of Motorcycle Madhouse Radio, a 24 hr rock platform with 24 hours of pure commercial free rock n roll. The Morning Hoot with Hollywood & Channel Doll airs Live on the channel. You can listen live right here on the site or you can download the Insane Throttle Radio App off of Google Play. The Apple App will be released soon.

Have fun looking around the site. You will find all kinds of content including books written by James "Hollywood" Macecari. #ROCKON!

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