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James Hollywood Macecari
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James "Hollywood" Macecari has been in the biker lifestyle for over 25 years including two motorcycle clubs in the Chicago Area.  Hollywood is the product of the Chicago Streets. Starting out at the age of 11 years old , he first joined the Simon City Royals. Later establishing one of the most active crews still going today in the Chicago Area.  After coming of age he moved onto the Motorcycle Club scene in early 1993. Now an Independent biker, Hollywood devotes his energy promoting motorcycle club rights and biker entertainment through Motorcycle Madhouse.

Hollywood has owned and operated many successful businesses including Tattoo Shops, Bars, Escort Services and more. Each time selling them at a profit and moving onto the next adventure.

Hollywood brings a no non sense look at the issues facing the motorcycle club scene. Everything from Traditional Motorcycle Clubs to Pop-up clubs. He also advocates against law enforcement in regards to treatment of bikers and especially club members.  He's appeared in many major publications worldwide regarding this specific issue.

One of Hollywood's biggest beliefs is working against the perception media and law enforcement puts out against motorcycle clubs. The biggest false perceptions are motorcycle clubs are gangs. He was once quoted as saying " Motorcycle Clubs hold sway within the Motorcycle Scene. Other than that they do not hold much sway on the streets. They are about brotherhood and biking, not about being a bunch of gangsters on wheels as the media and cops portray. If they were gangsters as media and LEO make them out to be. Why then do it's members have problems paying dues? If they were gangsters I would guess they wouldn't have problem paying a $100 a month in dues. No, it's about selling papers and getting budgets. That's why you see clubs portrayed as you do. Trust me. I've been around gangsters all my life, club members don't fit in the same category."

Hollywood is the host of the widely popular Motorcycle Madhouse Radio show on IHeart Radio, Spotify and Motorcycle Madhouse Live Monday -Friday 7:00pmcst on YouTube and many other major platforms.

​A staunch ally and advocate to Motorcycle Clubs and Bikers Rights. Hollywood supports NCOM, MRF , ABATE and many of the organizations fighting for Bikers Rights.

​Hollywood does many runs and events yearly. If you would like more information on booking James "Hollywood"Macecari for your next event email us at

​For Media inquires and interviews with James "Hollywood"Macecari please email us at

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