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1. We Tell Your Story. The best radio campaigns tell your story with words, music, and sound effects. Our team knows that working hard to help you cross the finish line is also a large part of our success. Research indicates you can get 7 to 10 times the results by voicing part or all of your commercial, by adding authenticity.

2. Madhouse Radio has a strong Entrepreneurial spirit. We are passionate and love to work hard and develop an individual marketing strategy for your business to grow sales, as well as create branding and awareness for your locations or websites.

3. Research. From on-line reviews to shopping at your business, Madhouse Radio takes it to a whole new level finding not only what your customer like about you, but what it takes to find more raving fans.

4. Brainpower. Developing a strategy for success. Including creative commercials, live broadcasts, jingles, DJ endorsements, We even try things that have never been done before to disrupt your competition, create a new trend and grab a larger share of the market.

5. Connection with Listeners. Unlike any other media, online radio has a connection with its listeners. When you tune into to your favorite station, listeners feel a part of Madhouse Radio, it’s their station. When they are driving to work they feel like Hollywood is riding along with them.

6. So Many New Ways to Listen to MADHOUSE RADIO Today people listen on their I-Phones and Androids, I-Pads, Laptops, Desktops Alexa and smart speakers. Radio’s digital growth has exploded with more ways to get more music and local programming than ever.

7. Good Personalities Make Online Radio Great. MADHOUSE personalities are down to earth and sincere. They are a big part of the communities we serve, always getting involved and giving back. They are excellent endorsers of your product, service or website.

8. Depend On Our Credibility. Listeners tune into Madhouse Radio, as the definitive source for news, and entertainment. That powerful credibility transfers to your business or product.

9. Contact the Madhouse Team. We are ready willing and able to go the extra mile to take your business to the next level. Call 847-957-1656 or email James at

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